My Dog Duchess

April 24, 2008
I regret that night
I was brought downstairs to see her
‘Cause I looked at her
And she didn’t look back
So I never hugged her one last time
I just turned away
And cried to my room.
I can imagine her though
She’s been gone for a while now
Her red collar lies next to my bed
While at night I wish for her to return
Every night she would lie on my bed
While I was getting ready to go to sleep
On days with no school
I would play fetch with her
And she had a little clear wishbone
Which she would chew on
She had soft light grey fur
That was short like new fresh cut grass.
When I heard she was gone
I was so crushed
She was carried downstairs
And out to the car
And I never stopped crying not even today
How I wish I had said goodbye one last time.
People say she was just a dog
But not to me
She was so much more
She was my best friend

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