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November 1, 2011
By Louise1 BRONZE, Crothersville, Indiana
Louise1 BRONZE, Crothersville, Indiana
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Gotta Love Life:)

You left us more then
once you left us and never
cared to say goodbye

__although we tryed.. you pushed us aside

You left even with us begging
you not too

__we were crying on our knees at
three(3) and one(1) beging of

our father not to leave

didn't quite seem too fair

__We wanted to fix what we did

wrong, wanted to make it

better, to keep you with

us forever.

You left us without even saying
"I love you"
__As we said over and over you

never reasured us you never

kept that one promise you
Ignored it as if yelping puppys

As tears fall from our eyes
you still left without saying
your goodbyes
__As we fell where we stood

balling our little baby blue

and purty brown eyes

Never seeing you once cry you left
us to die
__you came back again and again
you hurt us worse and worse

and once you hurt me in ways

i would had never thought


The author's comments:
What inspired me on this ? wel my real father left me and my younger brother when we were very small
sad part is that i still remember watching him leave from the up stairs window i was litte and that was my dad i didn't understand and we beged of him to stay.
__ but who of al people including my father would want to stay with a little bitch like me?

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