April 24, 2008
By Alexandra Mitchell, Austin, TX

I take four steps towards the door
The door is closing on me
I take three steps trying to hurry
Desperately, hoping it won't block me out
I take two steps now, reaching for the door knob

I take one step, the door remains open
Is this door tricking me, planning a trap?
Or is it a chance to go forward
With my future? But I stop.

I take one step back then
I change my mind
It’s too late
I attempt to take four steps up
But Im stuck the door closes slowly and
I’m imprisoned in this black abyss.

My emotions freeze like
Rain drops I curl up into
A deranged position
As I rot, going crazy
Waiting for the door to open
But it never does and I spend
The rest of eternity waiting
Out side that door to open
Up again.

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