Me, You, Us.

November 26, 2011
Years have passed since I’ve seen your face
Yet your image never leaves my thoughts
Your voice draws me in like a siren
No choice but to follow the beautiful sound
Only to find loneliness and despair at the end of the path
I breathe in your scent not wanting to let it go
Holding on to it, afraid it might escape
As I run my fingers across the smooth marble
It is as if I am touching your beautiful face
The color of warmth, the taste sweet like caramel
I look into your liquid honey eyes,
And I see all that is pure and innocent about you
How I miss to hear that graceful sound
To see that beautiful face
To look into your innocent eyes
To breathe that scent in
I gave you my heart but you left without taking it
Instead leaving a hole in it
Like a piece is missing
And you are that beautiful piece

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