Born From You

November 26, 2011
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The discrimination and hate deteriorated my soul.
Your bitter heart made you so cruel.
You made me deficient in my own judgment.
You made me a tool.

An I am the one who has to apologize.
For unknowingly your eyes could hypnotize.
Now I sit all alone, broken hearted and realize.

I can now clearly see what my own actions brought for me.

I wish I could take my self apart.
Just so I could discard the pieces of memories that broke my mended heart.

If only I could awake to a new day.
An start anew.
I dislike you.
For what you've done is unforgivable.
Yet I could never bring myself to hate nor love you.
Some how I can steel vividly remember you.
I remember everything about you.
Even thought I was only three or two.

Your in my nightmares.
In my thoughts.
I hope that you see all the pain that you have brought.

From you I was born.
Yet I well never call you my mother nor my father.
I well never say that I am you daughter.

You let me start to die.
You didn't really care.
An if you say that you ever did then your only lying to yourself.

Because of you I was a failure to thrive.
Yet because of you I am steel alive.
I wish God wouldn't have let me survive.

Because of you I am blessed with a great life.
A life I don't deserve.
A life that I know was never meant for me.
Because of you I never know the right things to do.
I wish I was never a aspiring of you.
An for that I will always dislike you.

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