Goodbye Daddy

April 24, 2008
You’re off saving the world again,
Another mission, another life saved,
Gone for months,
Gone from hope,
Making a child,
Leaving her alone,

Cold, empty, and alone,
I can’t smile I can’t laugh at my friends jokes,
Forgetting Daddy, forgetting how to breathe,

Gone to Russia,
Gone to England,
Gone from your daughter’s life forever,

A teenage girl’ cries for her daddy,
She opens her mouth but nothing comes out,
Three years of my life gone with the stars,

Daddy I hate you and there’s nothing you
Or time can do to change my feelings,

I’m happy when you’re around,
Crying and heart broken when you leave me,
You can’t say you know how I feel because you don’t,

You can’t expect an infant to know how to walk at just two weeks old,
You can’t expect me to grow-up in a day,
I need care to help me through my next 18 years,
Forget mommy I want Daddy,

I want daddy to kiss me goodnight,
I want daddy to stay in Texas for more than one year,
I want daddy to hug me until the monster in my dreams go away,
I want daddy to be there when I say “I have somebody that I want you to meet”
I want daddy to be there to dodge bullets when he see’s my heart has been broken,

To get a chance to get lost in the clouds just daddy and I,

Daddy we need you here in Texas not all the way across the world,
Think about it
You’re missing the most precious moments watching your girl grow up,

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