My Life: Theater?

April 24, 2008
By Joseph Townsend, Auburn, NY

Musical Theater!
It’s my life!
It’s my dream!
Well I think?
The glitz, the glam,
the costumes, the sets, the stage, the spot light.
My dream.
My so-called dream.
I find it so hard to believe that this thing I love,
and this thing I know inside and out
is a dream that is attainable?
I have been performing all of my life,
and have had a very successful career to date.
I have never not booked a show I have auditioned for,
but Theater is so discouraging.
I have witnessed its many many down falls.
You are successful or you are not.
You are a legend or you are not.
You have a job or you do not.
You are rich or you are poor.
You have a place to live or you do not.
And so on…
This is MY dream
This thing that appears to be so glamorous,
is not!
Theater is truly a façade!
The sex, the drugs, the politics,
the money, the networking, your meal ticket.
This life I want oh so badly to be successful in
is like a horror show that I don’t want to be in!
I can sing, I can dance, and I can act all I want,
and anywhere for that matter,
but to be considered someone.
There is only one place that matters…
Is that truly the ultimate goal?
Is that truly MY goal?
“All the world is a stage”
Is it truly considered to be that way?
Is it what you make of it?
Although it should be what you make of it.
It’s not.
It’s really not.
It’s really, truly not.
My dream?
My Life?
Although it seems rough.
I believe I have what it takes to make it,
and I know myself well enough
to know what to do and what NOT to do.
Especially since throughout my career,
I have witnessed enough people
who have tried to make it and have failed.
But now knowing this information,
and observing as to why they weren’t successful.
I can help myself to not make the same mistakes.
Although, I WILL make A LOT of mistakes,
along the way.
I WILL pull through them,
because it’s MY dream!
So when I am heading off to college,
And someone asks me…
What is your major???
I respond…Theater
I respond…
It is MY Dream,
and I am MAKING
it come true!

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