Yes I'm Brown

Yes I'm brown and proud
Theirs no way I'll ever deny that
But my flag colors aren't
Green, white and red
Their actually blue and white

I do speak Spanish
But I don't say mocoso
Instead I say sipote

My favorite food
Aint enchiladas
It's all about the pupusas

I play soccer and watch it on TV.
But please don't ask me,
If I go fot the Chivas or the America
Cuz I go for Brazil and Argentina

Yes I'm brown and
And I do spea spanish
But don't be ignorant
and call me what I'm not

I'm not a b*****
I'm not Mexican
I'm Salvadorina
Also known as a Guanaca

If you cant call me
By what i am
Call me Latina
Call me Hispanic
Either one of those
I don't really care

But because I eat frijoles and tortillas
Don't mean where all the same
Somos diferentes
So get your head straight
Mexican is not a race
And next time
You see me or anyone else
There are many different countries
That make up the Latino-Hispanic

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