Yes I'm Brown

April 24, 2008
By Jaquelyn Garcia, Aurora, CO

Yes I'm brown and proud
Theirs no way I'll ever deny that
But my flag colors aren't
Green, white and red
Their actually blue and white

I do speak Spanish
But I don't say mocoso
Instead I say sipote

My favorite food
Aint enchiladas
It's all about the pupusas

I play soccer and watch it on TV.
But please don't ask me,
If I go fot the Chivas or the America
Cuz I go for Brazil and Argentina

Yes I'm brown and
And I do spea spanish
But don't be ignorant
and call me what I'm not

I'm not a b*****
I'm not Mexican
I'm Salvadorina
Also known as a Guanaca

If you cant call me
By what i am
Call me Latina
Call me Hispanic
Either one of those
I don't really care

But because I eat frijoles and tortillas
Don't mean where all the same
Somos diferentes
So get your head straight
Mexican is not a race
And next time
You see me or anyone else
There are many different countries
That make up the Latino-Hispanic

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