It's Been a Long School Year

April 24, 2008
By Tyler Lahti, Mobile, AL

It’s been a long school year with all that has happened.
And after it all, it seems my spirit’s been dampened.
All these experiences have made me apathetic.
The toil, the rejection…it’s just been so hectic.

Some nights were flashes and others were chills.
And most nights the dreams were brought only by pills.
I’m only kept sane by releasing my thoughts
To the man in the dark; it’s comfort he brought.

All stemmed from misplaced feeling and work left undone,
The stress just built up; no relief seemed to come.
Everything more difficult than those days of old,
And it only gets worse, or so I am told.

But I shall not dwell on those days gone past,
On times in which the die has been cast.
So many memories, in such short a time,
Though not all good, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

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