Forever Dead

April 24, 2008
By Taniqua Chisolm, Euclid, OH

My family said there tired of living through hell
Frankly she ain’t lying, because I feel the same as well
Knowing every time I leave my house, I have to keep checking my back
Because I’m afraid of what someone else has done, and I shouldn’t be living like that

They just rolled up and just pulled the trigger
Why did the do it, was something I had to consider
Was he on drugs and didn’t give them all their money?
Or is it something else, what ever it is, something smells funny

Come to find out, my cousin wasn’t the person they was trying to get
If the worlds coming to a end, well then, this is it
I’m tired of hearing gunshots and seeing bodies on the news
This ain’t the life to live, because I’ll rather win than lose

You love your family members, so why kill one of mines?
I hope you know you’re a murder, and your going to do your time
Every time I see his grave, I see your face
Wishing your body would take his place

What provoked you to do what you just did?
Did you ever think that my lil cousin wanted to live?!
You really didn’t do, well that’s what you’ve said
But it don’t even matter no more, because my lil cousin is forever dead

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