U Said...

April 24, 2008
U said… u loved me
U said… we’d be together forever

U said… u would never hurt me
U said …It was just us two and we could never be pulled apart

U made me believe that our love was ok
I was allowed to feel this way

U said… I was the only one who could make u feel this way
U said … I was YOUR girl and no one else’s

U gave me false hope that we’d never end

U said… u would never cheat
A promise that even u could not keep

U were perfect every last inch
U were mine
U held my heart
And lost it in a synch

U apologized for what u did with her
I accepted it just to be hurt again

Now look where we stand,
So far apart and not hand in hand

So that’s when u said I love u
And it started again.

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