be You, don't be Us

November 18, 2011
By aimless_wanderer BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
aimless_wanderer BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Shatter all Barriers"

"it's a whole new world out there"

People do the same exact thing every single day
For that their lives are in tune with their schedules, and the next development on Grey's Anatomy with doctor Grey
because tv determines their happiness, showing them how to say
yes to everything they don't want to do just because they want to get their next weekly pay.

The only thing I can say to you is to stand out
from the crowd for they'll drag you down, clip your wings, and detour your route
to become who you want to be, for they will destroy you like that of a drought
on a bountiful land full of promise for that is what you are about

to face when you step into this world full of foul play, deceit, and lies
for here you are on your own with no friendly ties
because every one you know will follow the flow with taking up bills for a new car, tv, and what your boss buys
for they are compelled to suck at the teat of power to feel that they're the ones who fly

their own lives, but its actually the other way around
for that they have ensured that they will be forever bound 
ball and chained to their desk, computer, red stapler, and pictures of family and hounds
who wait at home for 6 o'clock everyday for them to make your rounds

Does that sound like a life full of happiness and joy?
do you wish to be played by all those around you as if you were a cheap toy
to be thrown around and around by the girls and boys
who believe they have the power to control all, even the colors GBIVROY,

do what you must, but i cannot stress anymore than i have
to go out into the world, venture out and give a good hearty laugh
with new people who sing their own tunes on their own separate paths
to become who they want to be, so choose your fate and face man’s wrath

The author's comments:
i work in a place where i serve people food for hours. whenever i look any customer in the eye, i get a sense of dread with what they do. I realized that i don't want to be whatever they are, and instead i'd prefer to wander with an extra hop in my step.

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