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November 18, 2011
By aimless_wanderer BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
aimless_wanderer BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Shatter all Barriers"

"it's a whole new world out there"

Looking outside a Universe through a Frosty pane
the moon rises, falls, waxes, and wanes
above all of you, who meticulously train
to exceed all your peers no matter the cost and to do what ever it takes to gain

prestige in the murky waters that all people must walk through
for life doesn’t show its hand, and doesn’t always speak true
about what may come, but what is for certain is that the sky is blue,
ground is brown, seasons change, sun rises, and the moon falls no matter how many ways you change your views.

People will continue to walk bipedal along the roads most taken
for they do not understand what it means to rejoice in what they have so they feel mistaken
with what they’ve been given so they keep believing that life is a bad dream and that they need to be awakened
from this horrible nightmare in order to live a wonderful life with a morning plate filled with eggs and bacon

this isn’t an action packed movie where the hero will win behind the scenes
nor are you a “ruler” of a kingdom filled with peasants, squires, princes, and queens
look around, take a whiff, this is who you are, this is what your meant to be, its even been written in your genes!

and don’t say I would’ve been something great,
man up or shut up for whatever you were is gone, and what you are now is your fate
for the past is done, locked the door, thrown the key, and sunken with a weight
to the depths of your being never to be seen again forever without a date.

Be who you want to be for that life will go on and on til the end of time.
if you want to run, run. if you want to fly, fly. Don’t be a dozen a dime
rather be a silver dollar who can’t be stopped on your strenuous climb
in becoming the person to fit your very own shoes, and to create your own chime

to present to the masses who will try to copy and replace
all of your work, but thats okay for you can never be disgraced
by all of those people who spend every waking moment within a rat race
so don’t fret for that you can always start over with ease and you’ll never be erased

from this planet so long as you leave some sort of mark
within this ocean full of minnows and you being a shark
with all bite and rather no bark
to disgrace who you are so you’ll never have to worry about lurking in the dark

shadows of anyone who seems larger than life
for that they are false people who tried to cut through with a knife.
These people aren’t better than you, so what if they have a trophy wife
or if they can play any instrument including the fife.

You on the other hand can do what most people cannot do in this world,
you have the ability to stand in dirt and imagine yourself being whirled and twirled
into a life that you have formulated yourself and ensured that you can be hurled
into any action that you seem fit to jump into, so you have tools, and now its up to you to make your life unfurl.

The author's comments:
my Dad was probably my main point of inspiration for this poem. He would rant about people who can't think for themselves, and how they're desk jockey's who live for their cubicles.

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