How Much Can One Person Take

November 18, 2011
By PassionatePoetry GOLD, Strugeon Lake, Minnesota
PassionatePoetry GOLD, Strugeon Lake, Minnesota
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How much can one person take before they break..
How much longer do I have to wait
How much knowledge does it take for you to answer my questions..
I glance at the expressionless faces around me and think to myself,
Your lying to yourself..
The happiness, The smiles, its fake. What really goes on in my mind ?
I am put on auto pilot through the day.. Just so I can get through the day. Me, Myself I am here.. My presence. But in reality I am far past being able to find.
A constant daze.
Quick, I need a distraction. Something that I can throw my mind at to get off of you.
Tired of waiting
Tired of having to hide me, my feelings
Tired of being impatient
Tired of the urges
Tired of the wanting.

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on Mar. 16 2012 at 9:45 pm
IamtheshyStargirl PLATINUM, Lothlorien, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
Boredom instigates extreme creativity.

"Bowing gratefully to all of my subjects, 'thank you. Thank you. The pleasure is mine." Nah, I'm just kidding. We're all kings together.'"

I really like the way you wrote this, it seems very much like the pure form of thought, right as it happens in real time. 

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