It's Not

April 24, 2008
By Chris Davis, Austin, TX

I love you
It’s not the clothes you wear
It’s not when I call you and you’re not there
It’s not that you gave me your heart

I love you.
I hope we never grow apart
It’s not that I’ll never go away
I love you. That’s why I’ll forever stay

I love you.
It’s not to make you love m
It’s not everyday you see me
I think about you day and night

I love you.
It’s not why we don’t fight
I it’s when we are together and chat
It’s as simple as that

I love you.
It’s not a weight you must carry around
It’s not a box that holds you in
It’s not a standard you have to bear

I love you.
It’s not a sacrifice I make
It’s not that I wouldn’t do whatever it takes
When I think about us being apart, my heart aches.

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