Flesh For Blood

April 24, 2008
By Gabrielle Bryant, Shenandoah Jct., WV

Ophelia, the first must be last
Christ, Lift my spirit up
I rise I rise I fall
You fill the silver cup

Look into the flames
They see no names, no names
Then she asked them, "Who?"
"I am... I am...you."

Because Ophelia never listened
Because Christ, she never knew
Because I'm raising it up, I raised it up for you
So cold and safe, that's how she feels today

Although we're separated like tiny stones
In boxes we pray, on our knees we listen
To a lonely land- where everyone dies
I found mine, yes, I had those diamond lies

Three days in there, but soon I will be free
Three days isolated by Ophelia's kiss
I raise you I raise you and yet I fall
You give me nothing, because you take it all

White streaks of lightning and I'm full
A stretcher plunges through oblivion
This may be my last chance silly boy
You were never someone I could rely on

Different, that's what he said to me
And when they fed me lullabies---like nothing could be
Scalding black, give me it back
Fifty pills wouldn't be enough to kill the pain--eternally

I need more of that harder stuff
Scream just one more time, because that's what I want
Baby, it's the kind of thing I crave- he's depressed she undressed
It's fine! One number, call me your lover, I'm wrong

Superficial men love to hate
It's all rehearsed- a schizophrenic melody
I see a High man he flies on glory
He can raise cotton fields out of the seeds of history

And there's no cocaine, cocaine
No pain, there's no heroin no heroin Vicodin masochism
This is my self destruction
I have no instinctive reaction

Tell me something new-so I can repeat it to you
I am mirror mirror on the wall
And after all, it's all lost
And that's the cost to when and how we wondered at all.

This will certify that the above work is completely original. Gabrielle Bryant

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