I Remember

November 17, 2011
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The days used to be glorious
Now there passing quick
Slickly one day like the flick of a switch

Love and Friendship in the air
Nothing was to ever dread
But now we all look twice at where we head

As time passed we would never watch the clock
Now we count the seconds as they tick tock.
Is life what it used to be, I think not

Has life changed in a bad way
Or have we changed into something new
Is it new and worse or simply misunderstood

Traveling in time, and time will tell
The past is gone and now is hell
Will we ever cross the spell of the time bell

I take the first step in the past
Walk backwards instead of forward and not very fast
Taking the extra time for the meaningful second glance

Noticing the little things one would of soared by
Extending a hand towards people, rather than hide
Taking time to not think but act upon the people’s cries

Taking chances and no regrets, the lesson is learned
But the glorious past will always burn
And the pains will forever churn of the past we never truly deserved

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