April 23, 2008
I lay on the bathroom floor in despair
Tears are continually welling up in my weary eyes
Agony smothers my soul until it's more than i can bear
Numbness begins to enclose over my body while i realize i hate goodbyes
I attempt to stand and i almost fall on my face
I feel anger rising up through my throat, making me feel the need to shout
I wonder how you could leave me in this wretched place
My eyes are slowly closing, I'm terribly worn out
I find the strength to get up and look in the mirror
My face is red and my eyes are burdened with sorrow
After a few minutes of thinking, your absence seems to be so much clearer
I understand now that i won't be seeing you tomorrow
I hurriedly get in to the shower
I whimper and breathe deeply, attempting to cease the tears
I fear that my face is still red, so i rest in there for an hour
Plunging deep in to my heart are a thousand jagged spears
As i step out of the shower I clutch my chest as the anguish throbs and burns inside
If feels as if my heart has been torn at the most vulnerable seam
As a single tear slides down my cheek i wonder why you lied
Once my head hits my pillow, I let my heavy eyelids close and i begin floating in a dream
i love you and you will remain a part of me forever
As my thoughts drift around in my unconciousness my sadness begins to recede
Even in my oblivion, i realize that i'll be here for you no matter what i have to endeavor

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Foolishtonugedairtist said...
Nov. 28, 2013 at 6:45 pm
I could truly feel the emossion in this. Absolutly amazing job.
RabbitHoleExplorador said...
Oct. 13, 2008 at 1:16 am
This is truly beautiful.
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