Ode to Sumaia

November 8, 2011
By , Vinita, OK
You, Sumaia, are the subject I adore
You bring joy into my life
You make me smile when you smile
As you run to me to give me a hug
Arms open wide, waiting for me to catch you
Your overexcitement can sometimes be annoying
But it’s okay because you’re only just a child

The time you fell down the stairs
We thought you broke your ankle
You were crying all night
Curled up, holding your foot
You were in so much pain
I wanted to heal the problem
But as the swelling went down
You were all right
That was a blessing

You always cheer me up
When I am in a bad mood
I know I can rely on you to make me laugh
You are a beautiful little girl
You are my precious niece

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