You Made It Possible To Be Me

November 2, 2011
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Thud-ump, Bah-dump goes this little heart of mine... with all the love it can posses it beats rapidly... faster and faster it runs-pounding hard within my chest. I feel like I've just ran a mile for my breath is now labored I realize, and has been for awhile. Hiding myself away from this world, I don't know what to say-- to keep you near me, and not so far away. Eye contact is denied, for you make me so timid, so small, so utterly helpless and shy. Your eyes that glow like aquamarines depending on the light. You make me being me so easy, and I don't have to hide. My emotions will, because I'm afraid... afraid you'll see me as the vulnerable little girl you've helped destroy to become a strong-will-bull-headed woman at such an early age. People don't understand why I even care, and why I still have hope. My question for them- why do they care that I care? Writing for you, even though your eyes will not see, and your mouth will never speak... I have enough to last, make it through, and push past. Growing up seems so complicated now, because you're not at my side, and there's no place to escape, be a child, and hide. Forgive me, but you need to know that you've stolen my heart, you've taken it back over the past months bit by part. When we met we hit off with a certain chemistry, and you are a part of what makes the reaction in my heart. I want one thing, and then I will go away, and you'll never have to talk to me again... just one small favor that will mean the world to me if it means nothing to you- kiss me, show me what it feels like to explore that world and feel the bliss that comes along in the aftermath. You are equal to my oblivion... I have three little words to say, and I count them in fear of losing them to your ears every day. I mustn't say them aloud, but wait and see if you feel it too.
The words are waiting; as am I on you,
-Gorilla Back

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