November 2, 2011
By McGovern GOLD, Chester, New Hampshire
McGovern GOLD, Chester, New Hampshire
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I can hear the beating of my heart
Foreign to the wrath of love
Though I am accustomed with loss
Thinking of you makes my body shake with anger
My face hot and wet from tears
Lying down on my sheets soaked in blood

Reopening my wounds feeling them bleed
Breaking beneath it all- my heart
Desperately wiping away my tears
It’s never what it seems-love
My weakness for you I hate
Just let me go-it’s no loss

I don’t know where to turn-lost
Scarlet in color dripping down my arms bleeding
Enter my world of hate
I once felt the rhythm of your heart
It’s ironic we once loved
You used to kiss away my tears

Out of breath from crying
Standing tall from my loss
I dreamed of you my lover
Following the path of blood
Piecing together my shattered heart
Covered in hatred

I found plenty of reasons to hate
Biting my lips to keep from crying
Working to revive my mangled heart
For you- I am no loss
Tired and bloody
I prayed you would someday love

But it’s too late-non existent love
Letting go of all my hate
Sewing up my wounds- because I will no longer bleed
No more crying and no more tears
I have found my way no longer lost
The beating has stopped on my chest- cold and still my heart

It turns out you have no heart
You are not a loss
For once I’d like to see you cry

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