Window of Time

April 23, 2008
I lay in bed asleep
Thinking of the past, present and future
In an instant the moon hid itself behind the bending clouds
I could feel the light disappear
The wind was rushing past my wasted eyes
All of a sudden a ribbon of warmth wrapped itself around my body
A flash awoke my senses.
There was a window and out of it materialized a woman.
She stood there… just waiting….
It was amazing.
I had never seen this woman but it was like I had known her all my life.
And at that moment I realized… it was my mother.
I had never seen her or anyone before.
I stood up straight and listened to her soft voice whisper my name.
She said that even though I had never set eyes on her, she was always watching me.
My mother also told me that time is a valuable thing and to never waste it.
She should know because she is trapped in the Window of Time…

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