Moving On

April 23, 2008
The good times we once had.
Laughing, playing, having a good time.
Being so close and comforted.
Sharing a love like none other.
Being unlike most guys.
I admitted i was hooked. . .
On you.
Waiting for your every call.
Beckoning for your every touch.
Every kiss.
Every hug.
No place would I have rather been than with you.
Then that one day came when it all went wrong.
You thought you weren't good enough for me.
This couldn’t have been more wrong.
You were the ONLY one for me.
And those thoughts flowing through your head.
Made you grow weary.
Of how strong our love really was.
You told me you wanted me to have better.
But. .
What's better than you?
So I take that and I try and move on.
Those ugly questions coming about after some rumors you heard.
Did you cheat?
Did you lie?
How could I ever?
It was you.
The one I wanted.
Those questions infuriated me.
I pushed you away at what I thought would be forever.
Then you came back into my life.
But once again I'm back to square one.
Where we never talk.
We never see each other.
When words are spoken they are bitter.
When eyes do meet.
They are eyes of fury.
But no matter what I will still have that love for you.
I have become stronger.
Less likely to fall back for you.
Because love has its problems.
Some more than others.
Just because I'm moving on doesn't mean I don't love you.
It just means I'm learning to live without you.

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