Love's Lessons, The Pleasure of My Day, and Breathtaking

April 23, 2008
Yes son
It is true
I once loved a woman far more than your mother
She was an awaited sunset that I could only admire for one blink
My ceaseless thoughts of her resurrected like a phoenix in a thunderstorm
Although I wished to obtain her hand beyond the vitality of evergreens
I knew it to be impossible
For you see she favored the dancing sun
Not me
I murmured in my anointed hands
"HOw can I earn your love?"
To my surprise she answered me
She glided from the inactive moon
Wrapped in hot white honesty threaded with gold and silver
Her bangles were made of lotus petals
She smelled of milky midnights and jasmine tea
Her skin was sparkling nude bronze and her voice
Her voice sounded like soft rain falling on marble
Once her beautiful feet touched the ground mint grew
She whispered in my unworthy ear
Breath the fresh air and

A room full of caramel and ebony skin
All shouting for father wind to hit
Long cool refreshing breezes is all thats wanted
Mentally returning words of fire to Apollo
Waiting for shades until father wind comes
Trying to be patient
When out burning skin becomes tanned
Wiping dirty crystals from our foreheads
Yet people don't know
Father wind loves irony and values patience
I sit and watch everyone panic and complain
Until my one wish soothes me
Ans I close my eyes ans thank him with a smile
For his kindness pleased me the whole day

I am nothing in which I may look
Although I walk like a New Yorker in DC streets
I dance spontaneously in ally ways
Bringing joy to homeless souls afire between bricks
The surprising movements of my hips give obvious hints of my African roots
I created ballet with the Moors before the others made our free movements ice cold and stiff
But I whispered the truths in Alvin Allies ears and yeah he damn sure got the picture
His jubilees and revelations formed my cosmic hands that burnt the skin of icemen to the point where they sweat icebergs into now pollutes seas
i inspired antelopes and anoas to frolic through the grasslands
But to tell you the truth
They still can't mimic me
When you see me during the day
I may look like only a 5 foot cafe au lait child
But when the moon glows
I transform like werewolves into an
Untouchable Soul
The stupid call me
Those who feel my honesty realize my name is Thandiwe
The beloved, the Goddess of love, the one who loves everyone
While I move through artists dreams sending sparks and static electricity that will have your nose hair grow five inches longer
They use my energy to the point of no return as they drown themselves in each poem, song, play and note with the essences of their hearts
They discover that I am
As all love is possible in the world
When my passion is denied I cry
Rainstorms destroy those ungrateful or unworthy to love on this posed earth
Once respect I deserve is returned
I make mystical rainbows that taste like milk and honey
A small piece of heaven, I guess
My colors in the sky force birds to swing to Bennie Goodman
They shake and jive like the party won't end until the clouds disappear from the face of the earth
Nature praises me
And those smart do as well
I am perfection
Only my smile bring sunshine to dark places
But my flaws are like beauty marks on every human face
Unique yet breathtaking

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sweetNsour said...
Nov. 23, 2009 at 8:23 pm
wow... this one is by far one of your best pieces.. this literally took my breath away.. I read like ten or so more poems a night.. and this one is amazing!! you are by far one of the best poets I've ever come across.. this is insane. please do the world one of the greatest favors ever and keep writing.
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