Sailor of the Sea

November 21, 2011
By AlexandraSassman BRONZE, Visalia, California
AlexandraSassman BRONZE, Visalia, California
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How beautiful the slapping tides are now
Only he knows the secrets of the sea
Sailing and searching only he knows how
Open, vast beauty holds creatures so free

Security is forgotten and lost
The rhythm of it so soothing to thee
But his fears build as he is thrown and tossed
For stability is lost in the sea

Chaos and panic seem to overtake
Urgent and without mercy, water seeps in
Perhaps a new life for him God will make?
Which allowed a little happiness to flood within

Continue without him, life surely would
And as the sailor’s life came to a cease
He thought back to the creatures, oceans, and sands he had stood
With a final breath left the ocean’s peace.

The author's comments:
What ispired this poem really is the complete mystery of the seas, and to lose someone who knows these secrets truly is a tragedy.

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