All Teased Out

November 21, 2011
My hair is teased to the perfect height,
Frizzed out just the way I like it…

I gossip with the hair dresser about the boys on the corner.
They jam to the new hit, Thriller,
In their acid washed cuffed jeans and white t shirts.

Little girls and their Cabbage Patch Dolls secretly tease them
As they get dropped off to stay at their grandma’s house.
Grandma gets teased that she can’t go to the US festival with mommy and daddy.

The music played at the fest was turned to silent,
When the word of a new disease was released…

A new disease, a curse from God,
Existing inside the little girl that was adopted and staying with her grandma.
Her parents are teased when they don’t even want to touch their own child.

Getting my hair teased is one thing,
It can handle the little pain that comes with it,
But the pain of teasing matters of such importance cannot be ignored.

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