James & Jame The Fruit Flies

November 21, 2011
By deagg BRONZE, Hurlock, Maryland
deagg BRONZE, Hurlock, Maryland
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There was two friends name James and jame, james was the honest fruit fly ever he told the truth about everything even if it would bring him to bad times. Jame was an excellent liar he lied about everything so good that he gets himself out of serious situations. One day at their house, they were looking for their video game that was borrowed by their other friend. There other friend tame came over looking for his game, and jame hid it in his book bag. Jame said that James had it in his room playing with it ten mins ago. James got mad they started fighting. Then all three of them started looking for it, and end up finding it in jame room. Then they argued about it and decided to not be friends anymore. But jame is still lying but he never lies to James anymore.

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