April 22, 2008
I live in this world
Where darkness rules over
Upon the land that lays
In a crumble of leaves
Men fight over conflicts
That affect them
In many different ways
To destroy the very world
Where peace once in full control
Violence begs to be heard
By the public
But is blinded by the light
Of hearts who are pure
For nonviolence
For peace
For love
For happiness
In order for there to be peace
Man will fight
Over battles of conquest
To see who will take over the world
With so much power
That people will bow
And worship for the rest of their lives
These people will say
"I shall love thee
and worship thee
until the end of days
where men fail
By their purpose
To fight others!"
Now let me tell you
That people will use violence
To solve their problems
Or even small situations
But I will say
Never use violence to solve something
That you think that power
Is your absolute priority
To use for selfish deeds
By having money and fame
But love one another
As brothers and sisters
Upon this very earth
Talk to someone
Who is in need or in pain
In order for their to be balance
And have peace stab
The very fine art
Of terror and violence
If you can help
This very world
By a little bit
Then you shall be rewarded
And earn something
That has positive value
To your life
Where people will accept you
And to have confidence
In yourself in situations
Where violence is being used
To stand up for yourself
And tell a teacher
If a fight is breaking out
Or having peers
Verbally abuse each other
As for me
I will do my part
To stop violence in a positive way
And hope that one day
This madness will forever
Be doomed into
The bottom of the earth!

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