Just One More Drink

November 21, 2011
By Natmonte24 BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
Natmonte24 BRONZE, Plantation, Florida
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It was a cold and rainy night;
He had much to drink.
His friends told him to stay awhile;
His mind was out of sync.

He would not listen to his friends;
He got behind the wheel.
He knew he could handle the drive;
His mind began to reel.

He headed for the steep on-ramp;
Driving on the wrong side.
Another car’s headlights appeared;
His car began to slide.

He tried to get control of it,
But it was too late now.
Plummeting toward his tragic fate,
He prayed a sacred vow.

“Please let me live; I’ll drink no more.”
It fell upon deaf ears.
“It was too late to conquer Fate;”
His mother sobbed in tears.

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