The Untamed

April 22, 2008
By Amanda Vincent, Marietta, GA

Entranced by the rhythmic motion
Of the captivating half-shadows
Dancing and twirling revealed by
Splashes and streaks of fervent flames
Accompanied by the glow of the iridescent full moon

Through the swirling waves of smoke
Appears the savage passion bursting free
As a wild and alien display of surrendering to mystical abandon
The pounding of the earth matching the natural beating of hearts uncaged
Their dance is one of giants, their spirits as fierce and flaming as gods

As the quickening pace creates impassioned beings
Enveloped in the shadows and the radiance of the flames
Only failing to reach the dazzle and darkness of the twilight
The dance of their souls ascends to the night sky
And they are forever suspended in ceremony
Without cause to be tame once more

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