The End

November 20, 2011
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Alone tonight
I sit in tears
Without your love
I hear a break

Our final fight
Broke our hearts
One becomes two
And two becomes four

As I cry into the night
I feel your pain
The lost of love
Brings many goodbye

So I sit here tonight
With this pen in my hand
And these thoughts in my head
Please help me understand

How can you leave me
When you said you never would?
Did you ever mean what you said?
Don't promises mean anything to you?

How can you say we are still friends
When you walk arould like you don't know me?
Do you see me standing here?
Or am I invisible?

Have you lost all faith?
Have you lost all our love?
Is it really time to say goodbye?
Is this really the end of you and I?

Tell me how you feel
And where you stand
Is this the end?
Are you really gone?

I love you so
And I hope you stilll love me
You're forever in my heart
And forever on my mind

I hope you come back
And hope our love is still with you
But if it is the end then
Goodbye forever my love!

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