Just a Thought

April 22, 2008
By Andrea Sakellaropoulos, Chantilly, VA

You think you've got it,
But then it's gone.
So you retrace your footsteps,
To find where you went wrong.
There it is again!
It managed to survive.
Pat yourself on the back,
For keeping it alive.
And just as you start
To let it out,
Back it goes quickly,
Inside of your mouth.
There it dances and laughs,
From the tip of your tongue.
It deems you forgetful,
Stupid, crazy, and dumb.
Second after second,
Your frustration will rise.
And second after second,
you will agonize.
When you finaly remember,
Recovering from abuse,
You'll keep it to yourself,
For your thought had no use.

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