In His Eyes

November 20, 2011
Under all the smiles, all the joy, and all the sparkles in her eyes
You find a way to cut her down
All she wants is to know she is wanted
And all you do is push her away

She though you cared
When you really didnt
Just a little act you put on
Just so you can hurt her later

You try to hurt her more
But as your words hit
Nothing happens
She is still smiling

A single soul makes her heart glow and her spirits rise
She does not cry tears of pain
But tears of joy
He makes her happy

You may want to hurt her
But he wants to love her
He gives her all his love
And she takes it and keeps it safe

In his eyes, she is not only perfert
But She is also wonderful and incredible
To him she is amazing just the way she is
And maybe one day you will see it too

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