The Useless Battle

November 20, 2011
By Hannahr1234 BRONZE, Montgomery, Texas
Hannahr1234 BRONZE, Montgomery, Texas
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Cries of torture screech through the stagnant air
Yet no one seems to hear or even care.
The cold, carpeted floor lies shrieking yet silent beneath her feet
Stained with blood and sweat and flesh from the previous night’s beat.
Excruciating blows shove her off her feet
But the strikes keep coming for the furious’ rage is not yet complete.
Hour by hour, night by night
The bruised one sits watching their attacker ignite.
Broken she wails until there remains no blood in swirled tear left to cry
Clinging to her only hope of the longing to die.
Seeing no use in fighting back
Her hurting eyes squint through the murky black.
The distant world living their blissful lives
While she races faster each day toward her prize that never arrives.
No one would ever know or understand the misery she calls her life
Drowning in all the despair and strife.
Who would ever imagine anyone behaving like this?
To deprive their loved ones of kindness and love
Shackling them to desolation that they can never be free of.
The war she fights every day
Has led to aching scars that will never go away.
Abusing the life out of her until she swallows her last breath
Being forced to treasure life in death.

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