The Face of Love

November 16, 2011
By HanaMizz14 GOLD, Auburn, Washington
HanaMizz14 GOLD, Auburn, Washington
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Be happy because you'll never know when an EMT will be listening to your heart not beat.

The summer breeze comes to greet me
as I wait for love to finally meet me.
I heard she's beautiful, caring and kind
and those who fall in her loose track of time.
The breeze rolls through, and I smell her sweet scent
I wonder if she can handle my heart all contorted and bent.
I get scared and fear that maybe she won't see
just like everyone, she'll move on and leave.
I wonder if she hurts people like everyone claims.
Makes the calm hearts go wild and the wild be tame.
I am young and I guess a little naive
but maybe love is something I have to believe.
I'm scared to fall
to experience it all
to stumble and not be caught.
I hear her voice, small but loud
confident but not proud.
"Stop looking and then you'll find me"
I watch in awe, her presence blinding.
Love disappeared faster than she came,
and I knew in my heart that I'd never be the same.
I opened my soul, my mind finally let me,
and there she was.
Love finally met me.

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