It is Summer

April 22, 2008
It is summer, kids are content and free.
The high golden sun shines through the trees.
Two boys run and play in the grass
And are completely satisfied as they pass

People enjoying ice cream in the park.
You hear the deep sound of a nearby dog bark
Erupting a flock of songbirds to fly
Up into the vast crystal sky.

The light summer breeze swirls
As the sun reflects on the water like a pearl
A rainbow of small sailboats begin to rock
As a myriad of fish weave under the dock.

A few boats are scattered across the lake
The hot summer sun bakes
The colorful leather seat cushions of the boat.
As it sways, yet always staying afloat.

Best friends walk with their feet bare

Forgetting about any worry or care.
Young animals wander without a fright
And everything seems to be alright.

As you relax trying to think
Summer daydreams begin to link
Time seems to stop as you stare into space
The world feels like it’s held in a glass case.

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