Solved Puzzle

April 22, 2008
By maegan dowdy, Cleburne, TX

Your heart is a puzzle; your head is a maze,
But I in my own way have solved you.
Deep inside past the spotted dogs,
The pink lip gloss, the super-star sunglasses,
And yes, even past the rock music flowing steadily from your Ipod,
There lies a girl who is as wild as a horse,
A spirit free from the debts of this world.
You live the way you feel.
You challenge those around you to do better,
And yet the puzzle that I have now solved still puzzles me.
How could you keep something like this inside of you?
Would it not tear you apart ripping away at you?
Searching for a way out, crawling to the surface--
Maybe that’s exactly what it is doing, searching for a door, a way out.
And in that essence of you I have seen and solved you, the puzzling puzzle.
I have found the road that leads to the end of the maze,
Gazing into the eyes of what lies inside of you I see everything.
And at the end of the maze, after solving the puzzle,
I open the door to release what I have now found,
A sunset over the ocean of your mind.

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