River Sister

April 22, 2008
By Rebecca Wadman, Savannah, GA

There is a river here!
surprise and delight in green-brown eyes
same color as the water.
River eyes.
Just here!
Slipper-splashing over mossy rocks
Fallen trees
Fish and shells!
Glimmer-gurgling around!
you laugh like a joke
because it is.
River joke.
Come on!
scampering over rocks
and mossy-green trees.
River walking.
Don’t fall!
The car is half a mile back
and if we don’t leave, we’ll be late.
But you’re ten steps ahead.
like they say
I always am.
Ten steps ahead is my place.
A fish!
Sparkle-skimmering under leaves!
Flisher-fish-flashing in splotchy sunlight
And shadows
under rocks and branches!
Who let you see that?
I’m the one who always sees things,
understands things,
knows things.
Things you don’t.
Who let you see it first?

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