April 22, 2008
By ashley bloodgood, Bradenton, FL

My mom is all I have,
my real father is not even a man,
in his eye's I am nothingto him,
but in my eye's I am his,
In my mom's eye's, I see her cry,
she is scared she might die,
In my eye's so will I,
Tonight I cry, at the memories
she'll leave behind, all the good
and bad times, I know I will find,
the person thats held inside, the
person she wants me to be, the one
I failed to be, the one I'm still
trying to be, these are my words,
that I wish to tell you, your the
best thing that has ever happened
to me, without you, there wouldn't
be me! I love you mommy,
Always and eternity!

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