Cupid's Bullet

April 22, 2008
By Haley Austermiller, Plain City, OH

Lying amidst the autumn leaves,
She lifts her head, looks him in the eye.
She can’t see him clearly,
Nor can he see her,
But he knows what she’s feeling.
He did this to her.
The gun drops from his hand,
And he whispers, “What have I done?”
Death begins to steal the life from her eyes
And her hand reaches out, searching.
He watches her weak movements numbly,
Frozen first in shock, then horror
As she grasps the pistol.
The night is eerily still as she raises it
And aims, so carefully,
Before squeezing the trigger.
He crumples to the ground,
Clutching at the bloody hole in his throat,
And she smirks, the last flicker of life
Fading, fading from her eyes.
Her last bit of energy is used
To grasp his hand in hers
As she whispers five words;
“Till death do us part.”

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