April 21, 2008
Hospital beds in flint,
Bringing faces to a frown,
Giving me a little hint,
My only love was going down,
I could hear her calling “Oh Remy I'm fighting”

Seeing her in her sleep,
Not in just a bed but a hospital bed,
Made me think of promises to keep,
While her hand holding mine to her head,
Calling to me “Oh Remy I’m fighting”

Leaving her, heading back,
Missing her all the way,
Wishing I could go back,
Hearing her determined voice the whole day,
Saying over and over “Oh Remy I’m fighting”

One day while in my room,
Dad came in with some news,
About “her: in the hospital,
Someone I never wanted to lose,
Still hearing in the distance “oh Remy I’m fighting”

My dad left home that day,
Flying to that city, flint,
Going there for the funeral,
Of that someone I didn’t want to lose,
My grandmother

I can still hear her voice,
Every night before I sleep,
I never seem to have a choice,
Hearing that someone I really wanted to keep,
Always hearing “Oh Remy I’m still fighting”

Now something new,
I never seemed to hear before,
A new line,
“Oh Remy I'm still fighting, but for you”
My grandmother it was again before my sleep.

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Lil Beaner said...
May 5, 2009 at 4:20 am
i really like this poem. im sorry for your loss.
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