Singing the Song

April 21, 2008
By Dedra Begay, Monument Valley, UT

Your voice nags at me
Telling me to come closer
So sweet and melodous
Drawing me closer to you
Wraping me in note after note
Your voice fades.....
The notes disappear
The dancing shapes and colors
No longer move and vibrate
there's only dull and still
come back, come back
sing me your voice
and I'll reply in mine
sing of the rivers and oceans
grass and flowers
willows swaying in the breeze
dry the tears from my eyes
wrap me in notes after notes
don't let me go
don't say your goodbyes
keep on singing
by my addiction, my sweets before dinner
my popcorn at movies
by my moon and stars at night
be the sun that lights up the corners
keep on singing, don't stop
tell me of doves that saw the world
sing me a talk of villians and woe
sing the song i enjoy
over and over again
be the lullaby that puts me to sleep
be the blanket that engulfs me in warmth
don't let me go
don't stop singing the song of gold
sing a song that whales can reply
songs that echo in the caves
songs that reach beyond the oceans waves
crashing upon the rocky shore
don't stop singing
don't say goodbye
don't let me go

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