A Fairy Tale Story

April 21, 2008
By Joshua Mann Mann, Nong Khai, ZZ

Over the mountains deep in a cave,Streaming fire from its jaws,Lives a dragon who deeply craves,To hold a princess in its claws.
Many brave knights from the castle yearn,To take the princess as his bride,But from the battles many will burn,And in the end only one will survive.
The knights travel on for days and a night,Over tall mountains and through many streams,They cannot wait to show their might,So while in their saddles they start to beam.
Finally when they arrive at the place,They start to tremble beneath their suites,Because they find that the beast has a hideous face,And from out of its jaws, fire shoots.
The battle begins between man and beast,But the knights do not even stand a chance,For the beast measures 500 feet at least,Whenever it gets up in its full stance.
So in the end all the men fail,Save for one, who stands up tall,He leaps and severs the dragons tail,Slicing through the bone and all.
The knight then asks the dragon if,He may kindly hand over the gal,But the dragon roars and stands up stiff,As if it was saying ‘If you defeat me, I shall.’
Then with a shrug the knight steps close,And plunges his sword deep in the wyrm,As if to torture it he cuts off its toes,Which greatly causes the beast to squirm.
With its last breath, the dragon falls down,Making the ground beneath it shake,So the prince and his bride start back for town,And the head of the dragon with them they take.
The princess and knight ride back to their lord,Causing many bright smiles and laughter,As a marriage offering, he gives the king his sword,And the two live happily ever after.
Now what happened to the dragon you say?It was left lying on the ground without its head.Well, the body has begun to rot and decay,But the head grew wings and flew back to its dead.
The story is done,Everything worked out fine.The great battle was won,And it was about time.
For in a fairytale story,Everything ends grand.Though they can be boring,We should keep them at hand.

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