Deceivable, The Girl I'm Not, Untitled and Blame

April 21, 2008
By Kaela Kelly, Chattanooga, TN

The words you speak,
go to my head harder than a blow,
its never about me,
only about giving them a show,
I hope you know,
I'm gone now,
and all those words you spoke,
are lying with me in the snow.

If only I could have who I want,
If only I could flaunt what I got,
If only I could be the girl all the guys sought,
If only I could be beautiful,
If only I could be unforgettable,
If only I could be the girl he wants.

Love is what I envy,
Its always who I can never be,
Can't he see,
I'm not me,
When he's there standing near,
Its enough to put her in fear,
As she falls to her knees,
And all you can hear is a faint please.

Time passes by,
With no one on my side,
I won't lie,
There's nothing to hide,
What's the point,
I won't waste another tear on you,
Even though I want to,
For all that pain,
I have no one to blame,
Since I had a choice too.

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