If I Knew Today was the Last Day

April 21, 2008
If I knew today was the last day I would see you. I would take a picture of your beautiful face and look at it day after day.
If I knew today was the last day I would hug you. I would call you back for more and more.
If I knew today was your last day on earth with us. I would make you laugh until you cry, just to see you smile.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone young or old. So if you have that special someone in your life make sure they know how you care about them. Instead of assuming that they already know.
Instead of waiting for tomorrow, and tomorrow never come why not tell them today. Then you want regret the day, that you didn't take the time out for a smile, a hug, or an I love you.
Because you was to busy to grant what turned out ot be someone last wish.
So take your love one by the hand and tell them how you feel for if tomorrow does come you want regret today

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