A Closed Book

November 2, 2011
By LCRinehart BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
LCRinehart BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
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I am like a closed book
The book is locked with many keys
The pages are also glued shut
Before the book was open
But then you came along and made it close
The book hasn’t opened in a while
It remains closed for now
No thanks to you
The truth inside it is ugly
It is full of pain and painful memories
Inside the book it is not filled with pretty stories
The inside is not pretty but the outside cover is
It has a cover on it
Instead of opening it lets just keep it a secret
Off in the distant part of my brain is where it’s hidden
It might just open again once more
It will open again I promise just wait a little longer
The keys to lock are getting found
One by one
So the book can be opened
The lock is getting rusty
The glue is melting
Maybe now you will understand me
But I don’t want your help opening the book
I’ll do that myself

The author's comments:
This poem is about who i used to be

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