The Unfinished Story

April 21, 2008
By Jessica Chiu, Aurora, IL

Once upon a time
There was this girl
Who thought she could
Change the world

But not really change
Only hiding the truth
Because, you see
She was a fluke

She wrote this story
So she could be happy
Even if we suffer
So what? She’s free

Or so she thinks
As she flashes that smile
She obviously can’t see
That for the while

Her story is nothing
Nothing but holes
That only gets cut up
Lo and behold!

Just stop this fake act
Take off your mask
Respect is what
you truly lack

Get on with your life
Your fairy tale
But in reality
Your boat hasn’t sailed

Bond by the lies
The jealousy
The want to hurt and
To finish me

So this is how it ends
This story that you’ve wrote
I’m changing the ending
And I’m letting go

My ride has taken off
So long, old friend
I won’t wait for you anymore...
This is the end.

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