Rhymes From A Former Slave

October 7, 2011
By Amenhotep BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
Amenhotep BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
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I feel neglected and rejected when i express myself i get arrested

im just following the 1st amendment and being an american but i had enough because oppression is a revolving door once it goes out it comes back in

but here is the truth the door was glass and it was a two way reflection

carrying the weight of poverty on my shoulders like Atlas is a heavy burden

you can try and hide the naked truth but where is your curtain

the shower of lies just turned off and Im going to whip you with my belt of righteousness theres going to be some serious hurting

contemplating about my master plan

should i infiltrate the c.i.a like the man named Freeman or should i cause brain damage to those who are suspects behind the stereotype of African Americans

I’m not scared because I dont fall for anything I stand for something

trying to stop the fashion of sagging because in the past when we were lynched they pulled down our pants and chopped off our ding a lings to show everyone that our man hood was taken away and I’m tired of being treated like a donut I hate being glazed

i dont have afro puffs but due to society raising a rebel im full of rage

wait i hear a fly buzzing around my phone

they got a bug and surveillance around my home

tapping in eavesdropping preventing me from speaking trying to silence me like malcolm but they never predicted the outcome

I also tapped into their database

found out the c.i.a help supply crack in the crack epidemic to help destroy my race

its a disgrace but they give you phony smiles when theyre in your face

if you want me to shut up then youre going to have to glue my mouth with gorilla paste

but even that may not work

my pen is the real voice exposing your dirt

sour like a patch of kids

be amazed when i magically cause a paradigm shift like a wiz

I know people are sitting here pissed

saying how can someone say all this

because after being silent since the cradle

and being branded by a stereotypical label

i want the truth to be passed around like food on a table

but i have to go because im on another mission

to elevate most peoples ambitions which is my everlasting mission

and please dont suck up and start the a** kissing

because if you found it hard to listen youre going to be dismissed

and if you dont like it too bad dont get upset when i come back with a vengeance

im going to burn a whole through your mind with the truth i speak like a substance with a pH below a lemon

The author's comments:
Subtitle: Finally removed the shackles from my brain

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