April 21, 2008
By Jessica Chiu, Aurora, IL

I see you with your smile
Don’t get me wrong, don’t let me
step in your way

Years have passed since we first me
How you’ve changed
How you’ve turned for the worse

You thought
you could block me with your slyness
You thought
You could get away
You thought
I could be replaced
I know
Things are gonna change

Don’t come near me
I can sense your flaws
Don’t lie to us
You know what we saw

You gazed upon us like we were meant to be
Those little white lab rats that could never be free
But someday there will be a kind soul we can let us out
Who will hand us the key and say

You thought
You could hurt me until I cry
You thought
I would give in by and by
You thought
I will give in to your deeds
I know
This isn’t the way it was meant to be

There’s just one last song request
Please just step away
Can’t you see we just want you out?
Don’t get in our face

Things could have turned for the better
But you gave in to your selfish desires
Everything could have been at peace
But you arose the dangerous fire

Step away if you don’t want to be hurt
Like how we felt when
you betrayed us for your personal gain
Don’t lock us up, we will win

You thought
Everything was going great
You thought
You could use us all as fishing bait
You thought
You could finish me off
I know
I was being oh too soft

Let me out of your prison
Let me out of your cruel dark world
And if you don’t listen to my honest plea
We’re breaking out
We’re breaking free
We’re going to change
This isn’t the way
My life was supposed to be.

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