November 15, 2011
Remebering the day that you said your first word to me
Remember when you walked me to class that Thursday afternoon?
it was like i felt on top of the world.
Knowing you were there right next to me seeing if i was ok and if i was safe.
Remeber how you used to smile when you passed my classroom?
Remebering all the days that you spent with me made me feel so loved.
Now that your gone im lost.
I cant find my way home.
I feel surrounded by people that i dont even know.
I look for you everywhere but your not there.
Your with another girl.
Pleasing her with gifts and kisses everywhere you take her.
Listening toy you to laugh and giggle makes me sick.
Remember how you said that you would never let me go?
Remember how you got so excited when ever you saw me?
I ask myself.. What went wrong? Was it me or was it him?
These questions haunt me.

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